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I created the photo book for my roadtrip

Créer un livre photo voyage
Ecrit par Pauline

Once back from my roadtrip with Bouba, my car fitted out, I immediately wanted to immerse myself in all my photos! Photos that remind me with emotion of all those wonderful moments of freedom spent on the road. I wanted to keep a physical record of it in the form of a photo book. What for? 1. Having a beautiful object in your hands with my own memories in it. 2. To be able to show it to my children later and explain to them how rewarding the trip can be.


For me, creating a photo book is making beautiful timeless moments. I want to be able to highlight it in my library and flip through it regularly with my loved ones to remind me how “it was nice anyway!». So I might as well tell you that I apply myself! I spent several hours creating the photo book that retraces our road trip with Bouba and ‘SPOILER ALERT’ it was worth it…

I chose to go through the CEWE site. What for? Their reputation on the one hand but also because the creative process is hyper simplified.

Created on the VS site via CEWE software

I tested the creation via the website directly and then via their own free downloadable software. Both are very well done, but I still preferred the process of creating via the software. It’s faster and there are more options in terms of fonts and layouts. It is also possible to return to edit a previously commissioned book, which is not possible if you create your book directly from the site. This option is extremely convenient if you have the idea of offering a photo book to loved ones for example and you want to adapt the content to each person. In short, I highly recommend you go through the software.

Create a travel photo book

Choice of format and paper

Before you start creating outright, you’ll have to choose the format of your photo book and the paper you want. For the format you have the choice: portrait, landscape or square. As for the size, it goes from the mini format (15x11cm) to the XXL format (38x29cm). For my part, I chose a landscape format (panorama) size A4 (28x21cm).

Regarding paper, I used to take digital paper satin or matte. But this time, I wanted to treat myself with a premium matte photo paper. I wanted to honor my photos and print them on the best quality of paper possible.

The little extra that makes the difference at CEWE is the relief effects. I chose to print on the cover the title “THE ROAD KNOWS” in gold pink relief, without knowing if the result would live up to my expectations.

Be aware that you can also choose a leather and linen cover for an extremely elegant book. For my part, I chose a classic hard cover but I think it is an option to consider for the big events of life such as a wedding or a birth.

Create a travel photo book


Once all these options have been chosen, we get to the heart of the matter with the layout of the photo book. You can choose to create with the assistant (selection of the best photos, chronological layout – but everything remains changeable) or do everything yourself. Personally, I did everything myself because I already had an idea of what I wanted.

Then you go to the editor where you will have an incredible amount of options to give free rein to your creativity: placement of photos, backgrounds, styles, frames, cliparts, texts and even maps … It’s all there!

When you’re satisfied with the result, all you have to do is order.


I couldn’t wait to see the result! This is the first time I printed my photos on Premium paper and I couldn’t wait to see them and touch them. It’s always a different emotion when you have a concrete object between your fingers.

At the opening, I fell in love with the golden pink relief effect. It’s beautiful! Visually and to the touch too… the double cool kiss effect!

And then I turn the pages one after the other and I find the flavor of the trip. I hasten to show the book to my loved ones to relive it together. The quality of the print and paper does justice to my photos. The opening of the pages is flat, which in my opinion multiplies the qualitative rendering. It’s a real pleasure purchase that I will treasure with me!


Simply put, I am convinced, and that is why I am talking to you about it today. CEWE has also agreed to give you a promo code worth 10 euros on your first order: 10CEWE valid for one year on all products.

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This article was written in partnership with CEWE. The editorial content is entirely mine.

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