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The 35 best travel gift ideas for travellers in 2020

Christmas is approaching and as every year, we are all looking for THE perfect gift for our loved ones, the one that will please them for sure. We all have people around us who are passionate about travel and it is not always easy to know what will be useful to them or will make them dream. That's why I created this list of gift ideas for travelers, to make it easier for you for Christmas but also for any other occasion.

1. Stylish backpack

The journey starts with a backpack. To be sure to please, offer a multi-function and stylish bag that can be used for hiking, weekends in Europe or even everyday life. Personally, I have That of Hershel whose adventure design I love. It comes in lots of different colors and has a protective inner pocket for tablets/computers.

best gift ideas for travelers

2. Travel diary

A notebook to write his adventures, his meetings, his good addresses, etc. Allan and Camille from the dating around the world blog have created an adventure book for teens/adults and an adventure diary for children. Guided and illustrated, he is the perfect travel companion.

best gift ideas for travelers

3. Noise-reducing headphones

Your music follows you everywhere with these Sudio Bluetooth headphones. I chose the ETT model for its "active noise removal" option which works very well and is very useful for focusing when I work in a noisy environment or in transport.


best gift ideas for travelers

4. Stainless Gourd

I fell in love with my girlfriend Yvanna's OA-gourds. Minimalist, plastic-free / paint/BPA, insulated until 12pm warm / 24 hours cold, waterproof and light. Mine never leaves me.

best gift ideas for travellers

5. Mini pregnant

Get the mood out of Xoopar's Mini Boy speaker. It weighs only 80g and has a battery life of 3 to 4 hours. I received mine and I was really surprised by the sound which is very good despite its small size.

best gift ideas for travellers

6. Travel box

Want to offer an unusual night or a weekend but you don't know where and how to organize yourself? The solution could be a travel box like those offered by Wonderbox. You will be spoilt for choice and the person who receives the box will be able to choose where and when to leave.

best gift ideas for travellers

Books to dream or prepare for your next trip

  • 7. Travelling without breaking the bank – Jérôme Derèze

The blogger of Crossing a World guides you step by step on your first trips. From the decision to leave to the return through all the practical tips to help you build your travel project.

best gift ideas for travellers

  • 8. Indeterminate Travel – Michael Pinatton

Travel as much as you want no matter your budget and finally pass the milestone of living your dreams. This is what Michael from the Cross the Border blog helps you do with his very comprehensive book.

best gift ideas for travellers

  • 9. Zero Carbon (almost) lonely Planet Journeys

Lonely Planet is innovating this year with 80 turnkey itineraries without planes or cars, in Europe and beyond. A good initiative at a time when we are becoming more aware of the impact of our travels on the environment.

The 35 best travel gift ideas for travellers in 2020

10. Connected Watch

To track physical activity, heart rate and sleep. Personally, I have the MI Band 3 that I wear continuously for several months. Small, discreet, water resistance. For my use, she does the job. But I look closely at the Fitbit Inspire 2 that makes me eye.

best gift ideas for travellers

11. Offering trees to plant

Reforest'Action invites you to participate in forest planting programs, especially in areas of the world where deforestation has devastating effects on the climate. This year, I planted 3 mangroves in the Sumatra region of Indonesia to recreate a mangrove that protects the region from earthquakes and tsunamis.

12. Stylish shoes

The iconic brand Pataugas now offers vegan and recycled pairs and always with great style!

best gift ideas for travellers

13. Places for the biggest hitchhiking race!

The perfect gift for travellers in need of adventure, a gift that will be talked about for years to come!

"Beijing Express better and without the cameras. Departures from all over France, arrival in Cheniers in the Creuse for an intergalactic festival and unlikely encounters. Teams from all over France trying to reach a small village in the far end of France as soon as possible… hitchhiking! Departures from all the cities of the country, dozens of missions to be carried out along the road and 24 hours of village party on arrival. The craziest weekend of the year!"

tickets mad jacques hitchhiking

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14. Trtl Travel Cushion

Travellers spend a lot of time on transport. Plane, train, bus, van… Being able to take advantage of these transport times to sleep and recover is important. A cushion quickly becomes the traveller's best friend and if it is well designed, it will be a real asset. This cushion contains a patented internal support system that offers maximum comfort.

best gift ideas for travellers

15. Wooden world map

A wooden world map with a 3D effect that gives a real stamp to any room. I dream of having one in my future at home.

best travel gift ideas

16. Solar backup battery

A rechargeable external battery with the sun for travelers and nomads who do not have all the time access to electrical outlets.

best travel traveller gift idea

17. Compact tent

The adventure is around the corner, as long as you don't have too many pounds to carry. Having a compact and light tent is a real asset for the bully who wants to travel light while being able to camp where he wants if needed. It weighs less than 2kg, can accommodate 1 to 2 people, has a double roof, anti-UV, and quality material.

18. Light and warm sleeping bag

Finding a sleeping bag that is both light and warm is not easy. The Wilsa Outdoor Ultralite 150 is a top-of-the-line sleeping bag with white goose down trim that ensures maximum comfort.

best travel traveller gift idea

19. Camping matelas

Just like sleeping bags, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to camping mattresses. Again you have to find a light weight for maximum comfort. Sea Summit's Ultralight mattress offers both.

best travel traveller gift idea

20. Rain jacket

Going to travel doesn't necessarily mean you're going to have sunshine all the time. Protect your loved ones from the rain and give them a waterproof jacket.

best travel traveller gift idea

21. DJI Pocket 2

For travel and video enthusiasts, here is a great gift to make. The DJI Pocket 2 is a camera with 3-axis stabilizer but not that. It also allows you to make timelapse in motion, an autofocus tracking of panoramas, etc. A real jewel of technology that you slip in your pocket so you don't miss anything.

best travel traveller gift idea

22. GoPro Hero9 Black

Another great gift for video fans, the GoPro 9 is perfect for active travelers who want to immortalize their adventures. Robust, waterproof with no cases up to 10m, intelligent capture system that allows stabilized renderings, GoPro has set the bar very high for this edition.

best travel traveller gift idea

23. Camera shoulder strap

To replace the shoulder strap usually offered with the camera, with the brand name written in bulk on it, you can offer a nice travel traveller gift idea

24. Passport protection

Passports are the most valuable possession you have when you travel. So as well protect it and with protection with nice patterns, it's even better.

best travel traveller gift idea

25. Weighing baggage

Is my luggage going to pass? Is it too heavy? One of the questions you often ask yourself before a trip. A luggage weighing can go a long way to avoiding this pre-departure stress and adjusting the weight of your bag if necessary before going to the airport.

best travel traveller gift idea

26. Organizer for travel accessories

Cables, memory cards, USB sticks, headphones… Travellers accumulate a number of small objects that can quickly get lost, get tangled or break. A travel organizer avoids this problem.

best travel traveller gift idea

27. Icons T-shirt

It's not always easy to be understood when you're traveling. Here is a T-shirt that will help more than one to exchange with the locals.

best travel traveller gift idea

28. Multi-purpose toiletry kit

The practical gift, where we store all our toiletries and hang everywhere. I always have mine with me that I even use at home.

best travel traveller gift idea

29. Light hammock

A hammock to settle everywhere either to rest or to camp independently.

best gift ideas for travellers

30. Round beach towel

Pretty and practical. We take him everywhere to land on the beach, in the grass or… Anywhere. In addition, it allows to make beautiful pictures.

best travel traveller gift idea

31. Earth Globe to Color

In the series of maps of the deco world, here is the one we color. A cute idea, for children or all creative minds.

best travel traveller gift idea

32. Pass Interrail

The Interrail Pass is a train ticket that allows you to travel on most European trains. Thanks to it, you can access the services of 37 train and ferry companies in 30 countries.

best travel traveller gift idea

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33. Pixter Goals

To travel light but still to make beautiful photos, Pixter phone lenses allow you to create photos at wide angle, fish eye or macro for example, while remaining practical and light. Read Pixter's test article.

best travel traveller gift idea

34. A subscription to Babbel

Knowing how to speak several languages, especially English, we all know that it helps a lot when travelling. Thanks to Babbel, we find the motivation to learn a language through their educational and playful tools.

best travel traveller gift idea

Find out more here

35. Waterproof bag

A waterproof bag so you don't risk damaging anything by the water when you go boating or kayaking like cameras, phones, watches, etc.
best travel traveller gift idea
If you still can't find the perfect gift idea, look this way:

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